Here’s What You Can Do Now

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Sample script for Governor Baker:

I am a constituent calling Governor Baker today to request that he withdraws his support for the Enbridge/Spectra pipeline projects in Massachusetts, including the Weymouth compressor station. Any new pipelines built would immediately put us over environmental protection mandates in the Global Warming Solutions Act.

Sample letter to the editor:

Whose side are you on, Governor Baker?

Industry propaganda touts natural gas as cleaner than other fossil fuels (Baker pushes on gas facility, 7/18/17). Sure, gas burns cleaner, but the impact of leaked methane, a potent greenhouse gas, must also be taken into account. If just 3% of the gas escapes into the atmosphere along the supply chain, then it causes as much global warming as burning coal. A Harvard study estimated gas leakage at about 2.7% of all gas delivered to the region (Leaks in Boston area gas pipes exceed estimates, 1/22/15).

Massachusetts’ aging gas infrastructure is riddled with gas leaks, many of them decades old (Project reveals 20,000 leaks in Mass. gas lines, 8/21/15). Rather than fixing those leaks, gas company executives, who are paid millions, are proposing a 7,700 horsepower compressor station in Weymouth to pump gas to LNG terminals in Nova Scotia and export it to foreign markets where they can get a higher price than here in New England.

Governor Baker should demonstrate his commitment to fighting global warming by helping Weymouth residents stop the compressor station, which has nothing to do with the clean energy needs of Massachusetts and everything to do with gas company profits.

Paul Lauenstein
Sharon, MA

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