Global Warming/Climate Change

If you were very sick and 99% of doctors agreed on a prescription to make you better, while just 1% disagreed, what would you do?

When it comes to global warming, also known as climate change, that is the question we are faced with. For years 97% of scientists agree that the earth is sick because of certain kinds of pollution. Recently that number has increased to 99%.

And for years we haven’t been taking the prescription, which says to lay off the fossil fuels. In the last few years, we’ve broken global temperature records, been faced with flooding (especially along the East Coast), lost edible fish to toxic algae, watched polar bears lose their habitat, and seen weather events like hurricanes get worse. We’re getting sicker because we don’t listen to the doctor.

If you don’t have time to read all those links above, we can summarize it for you: to halt these threats, we must use less fossil fuels.

That is why we are getting to work. We are saying NO to pipelines that would add more greenhouse gasses to the air and YES to reducing energy use and increasing clean energy.