Green Communities—A Win-Win

Massachusetts is leading the way on responsible energy policy with Green Communities. The Green Communities initiative guides towns through the process of lowering energy use and signing on to renewable forms of energy to meet their needs. Each Green Community is eligible for multiple grants from the Department of Energy Resources. In fact, the 185 towns and cities that have achieved Green Community status have received $67M in grants from the state already.

Here’s what Sharon stands to gain with Green Community status:

  • Approximately $160,000 in initial grant funding for energy efficiency upgrades
  • Eligibility to apply for yearly competitive grants for energy efficiency and renewables
  • Assistance with developing and implementing policies that will help our town transition away from fossil fuels toward sustainable clean energy

What could we do with the grant money? Here are some improvements other Green Communities have made:

  • Easton has received over $600,000 for upgrades and replacement of mechanical equipment in their schools and other municipal buildings, including roof-top air handling units, exterior light upgrades in the Middle School parking lot, interior light upgrades in the High School, and an LED streetlight project on public roadways
  • Stoughton used $200,000 to upgrade the motor operation at four pumping facilities, upgrade lighting, install programmable thermostats at Pratts Court Pump House, and perform other energy efficiency upgrades
  • Nearly $700,000 was awarded to Kingston for energy efficiency measures, including installation of two condensing boilers in the Elementary School, replacement of rooftop HVAC units at the Elementary School, and an interior lighting retrofit at the Middle School.

And of course we will be helping to make our air cleaner and protect our climate. As you can see, Sharon could benefit greatly from Green Communities grants for municipal building upgrades.