11 SMART Questions Answered: The Facts on Massachusetts’ New Solar Program

October 4, 2018, Climate-X-Change

The much-awaited regulations for the SMART program will impact solar development in Massachusetts for the coming years. The new program is complicated, so to make it easier to understand we answered eleven of the most common questions we heard about SMART.

After Dozens of Gas Explosions, a Community Looks for Alternatives to Natural Gas

October 3, 2018, Inside Climate News

Nearly 9,000 homes will be without heat for weeks after explosions linked to a failing pipeline. The company is offering to help people leave natural gas entirely.

Election 2018: Clean Energy’s Future Could Rise or Fall with These Governor’s Races

October 1, 2018, Inside Climate News

Governors have the power to set the agenda on renewable energy or throw up roadblocks to its progress. It’s become an issue in several races this year.

Carbon Prices are Too Low to Reduce Emissions

September 20, 2018, Scientific American

Carbon prices are spreading throughout the world’s largest economies. The only problem for climate hawks: They’re nowhere near high enough to produce a meaningful reduction in carbon emissions.

Energy Companies Dominate List of Top Spenders on Lobbying in Mass.

August 23, 2018, The Boston Globe

Five of the nine biggest corporate spenders on outside lobbyists so far have come from the energy sector.

Are You Getting Greenwashed by Your Electricity Supplier?

You want to support the generation of electricity from renewable sources, but how do you know if a green power program will use your dollars to speed our transition to clean energy? Read about the loopholes here.

3 Myths About Natural Gas and Our Climate

Proponents like to portray the fuel as a cuddlier cousin to coal and oil when it comes to climate because it generates less carbon dioxide when burned. But its CO2 emissions are only one piece of a far more nuanced puzzle. Read about it here.

House Passes Disappointing Energy Bill

Despite the strong Senate bill, the energy bill that passed in July 2018 lacked many of the strong legislation we sought. See the Acadia Center’s summary and the Massachusetts Sierra Club statement for more information.

100% renewable energy omnibus clears Massachusetts Senate

Get Utility Dive’s brief on the bill here.

Clean Renewable Energy Is the Key to a Resilient Energy Grid in New England

So why won’t our regional grid operator admit it. Read what CLF has to say about it here.

Natural gas is not a clean fuel

Former chair of the Dept. of Public Utilities, Ann Berwick, responds to The Boston Globe’s recent editorial bent here.

Researchers look at tidal turbines as renewable energy source

Learn how the tidal turbine industry is developing in the Cape Cod Canal here.

Clean energy future the focus of Worcester environmental forum

Read about Mass legislators’ perspective on the future of energy in Massachusetts here.

Solar PV Plus batteries a game changer in the switch to renewable energy

Read about Tesla’s battery installation in South Australia here.

Gas pipeline opponents urge Baker to ‘break up’ with industry

See how advocates for clean energy delivered a Valentine’s Day-themed message to Gpv. Charlie Baker here.

AG Healey calls for State plan on electric vehicles and new clean energy goals

Attorney General Maura Healey called for a comprehensive statewide plan for electric vehicles and new, ambitious goals to meet electric power needs with clean energy at a hearing before the Department of Energy Protection on its use of $75 million in mitigation funds that the AG’s Office helped secure as part of the Volkswagen settlement. Read about it here.

Silver lining in Northern Pass collapse

Baker administration has another chance to boost wind and solar that MA families and businesses want. Read about it here.

Northern Pass ‘shocked and outraged’ by application denial

A New Hampshire state committee unanimously voted to deny an application for Northern Pass derailing Gov. Baker’s plans to utilize hydropower from Canada. Read about it here.

Will the country’s first mandatory residential demand charge slow the MA solar boom?

Opponents of the charge, approved as part of an Eversource rate case, say it could harm the growth of solar and other distributed resources by significantly increasing costs for customers. Read about it here.

ISO New England Fuel Security Study

Goal is to understand future effects of trends already affecting power system operations here.

A better battery?

MIT researchers say they’ve improved a large-scale battery, opening the possibility of storing massive amounts of renewable energy for a rainy day — or a day without wind here.

Creating Electricity with wood instead of coal worsens climate change

New research challenges European Union policy that wood burning is carbon neutral here.

Sharon Designated a Green Community

The town is now eligible for over $4 million in grants to fund renewable energy and efficiency projects. Read the announcement here.

What is Grid Modernization? An Explainer

Conservation Law Foundation is working on modernizing the electrical grid across New England. Learn what that means for the future of electricity here.

Rick Perry’s Anti-Market Plan to Help Coal

Lost in all the attention to the Trump administration’s effort to scuttle President Barack Obama’s clean power plan is its attempt to prop up the struggling coal industry by doing something very un-Republican — subsidizing it. Read about it here.

After the Hurricane, Solar Kept Florida Homes and a City’s Traffic Lights Running

By using energy storage with solar panels, some homeowners were able to go off-grid, showing how distributed power could speed future storm recovery. Read about it here.

Hawaii’s 100% Renewable Energy Story

100% renewable energy is possible! Watch this video to see how Hawaii is achieving it.

Keep It 100

The unimaginable is now possible: 100% renewable energy. We can’t settle for less. Read Bill McKibben’s call for a rapid conversion of energy systems around the country to 100 percent renewable power here.

Dark Clouds Threaten Massachusetts Solar Policies

Solar energy is an incredible resource for Massachusetts, with approximately 15,000 jobs and 1600 megawatts of installations powering the Commonwealth’s economy and clean energy future. Massachusetts’ solar industry has thrived because our state has chosen to support clean energy and growth has come in conjunction with strong policy as well as the falling cost of photovoltaic energy (PV). Massachusetts has developed 80x more solar than it had in 2007, but the industry today is running into a series of stark challenges and policy barriers. Read more about the history and future of solar in MA here.

Green Communities Resolutions Pass at Town Meeting

On May 1 at Sharon Town Meeting, two key articles passed that will help us on the way to becoming a Green Community. No Sharon Gas Pipeline backed the board of selectmen’s articles 24 that allowed as-of-right siting for renewable energy and 25 that allowed adoption of the Stretch Energy Code for construction. The articles passed nearly unanimously.

Green Communities

On February 14, 2017 Seth Pickering, our Green Communities Representative from the Department of Energy Resources, made a presentation to Sharon Board of Selectmen. View the presentation slides here.

Sharon Advocate

February 17th, 2017 by Gerry Tuoti
Bill targets 100 percent renewable energy goal
Every house, building and car in Massachusetts would be powered by renewable energy sources in the coming decades under a new bill in the state legislature. Continue reading

Mass Live

February 13, 2107 by SHira Schoenberg
Environmentalists push for 100% renewable energy use in Massachusetts
A group of environmentalists are calling on Massachusetts to get an increasing amount of its energy from renewable sources.

“With officials in Washington, D.C., threatening to roll back clean energy and climate policies, it’s time for states to step up,” said Ben Hellerstein, state director of Environment Massachusetts. Continue reading


Sharon Is a Green Community

In late 2017 Sharon was designated a Green Community. No Sharon Gas Pipeline and our allies at Sustainable Sharon Coalition worked with our select board to establish this status to help Sharon move toward a clean energy future.

As a Green Community, Sharon has

  • been pre-approved for $148,740 in energy efficient upgrades this year,
  • already met a 20% reduction in energy by the end of the year,
  • put together an energy analysis of the municipal and schools system energy use,
  • decided to buy only energy efficient vehicles going forward, and
  • voted to require new residential construction to be more energy efficient than the base state building codes.

All of the grant money, upgrades, and savings are for town and municipal buildings such as schools and town offices. We are proud to be part of this effort and look forward to increasing Sharon’s energy efficiency.

Understanding the Massachusetts Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) – Webinar recording

Joel Wool, of Clean water Action, and Eugenia Gibbons, of MassEnergy Alliance, provide an overview of what the RPS is, including its role in achieving GWSA compliance and as a foundation for a fully renewable transition. The presentation also provides a summary of key findings from the analysis released in May and helps outline how to respond to some of the questions/push back you may receive when speaking to decision-makers about the RPS. View YouTube webinar recording.

Green Communities BOS presentation

On February 14, 2017 Seth Pickering, our Green Communities Representative from the Department of Energy Resources, made a presentation to Sharon Board of Selectmen. View the presentation slides here.

Mass Power Forward Fact Sheet

Learn more about why clean energy is the right choice for you town and how to help your town make the transition to 100% renewable energy.
Moving Toward 100% Local Clean Energy

Governor’s Executive Order 569

On September 16, 2016 Governor Baker signed an Executive Order Establishing an Integrated Climate Change Strategy for the Commonwealth. Read it here.

A Timeline of Events

  • April 6: Green Community Public Forum
  • May 6: Sharon Green Day NSGP launches100% Renewables campaign
  • May 17: Town Meeting green Community resolution passes
  • October 30: NSGP joins South Shore contingent for Baker Stand-in
  • October 30: Sharon Ad Hoc Energy Committee launched to assist Town in a rapid transition
  • November 15: Ad Hoc Energy group meets with Sharon town administrator to propose electric aggregation
  • November 16: Final Baker Stand-in (following escalating campaign leading up to it)
  • December 28: Sharon gains Green Communities status
  • January 11: NSGP co-sponsors Energy in Massachusetts: Where do we go from here? with Sen. Paul Feeney