Moving Toward 100% Local Clean Energy

No Sharon Gas Pipeline is thrilled to be participating in Mass Power Forward’s clean energy campaign. We are working to make Sharon less dependent on outdated and polluting fossil fuels because

  • It will save the town—and all of us—money
  • It will provide lucrative jobs in one of the fastest growing sectors of the workforce
  • It will help us do our part to halt global warming
  • It will demonstrate clearly that energy efficiency and renewable resources can replace gas as a fuel source—We don’t need new pipelines!

Using Mass Power Forward’s guidelines, we are taking the first steps towards fueling Sharon with 100% local clean energy. To this end, we have supported the work of the Sustainable Sharon Coalition and the Sharon Board of Selectmen as they have worked to acquire Green Community status. We are currently waiting to hear that Sharon’s application was accepted.

If Sharon becomes a Green Community, we get state-funded grants to help us increase our energy efficiency and invest in renewable energy sources.

In addition to supporting the Green Communities initiative, we are

  • Continuing to promote home energy assessments through Sharon Saves
  • Looking into powering Sharon through community choice energy, which would allow us to chose our power sources and have more say in our electricity rate.
  • Connecting residents to substantial electric vehicle savings through the Mass Energy Drive Green program
  • Helping educate residents about all the ways they can save energy
  • Supporting legislation that will move us more quickly to a clean energy future