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The Pipeline

UPDATE: As of June 29, 2017, the FERC filing for the Access Northeast project has been withdrawn. No Sharon Gas Pipeline continues to work towards building a clean energy grid and stopping all pipelines in Massachusetts.

Spectra Energy’s pipeline expansion proposal for Massachusetts involves stretches of new high-pressure fracked gas pipeline and all of the infrastructure that goes with it, including stations along the way that routinely emit toxins and known carcinogens. The Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office and independent energy experts have deemed new gas pipelines unnecessary and very costly.

Clean Energy

Implementing local clean energy initiatives is critical if we are to ensure good quality jobs for decades to come, begin to offset the high cost and volatility of fossil fuels, and reverse the effects of climate change. Massachusetts cities and towns are well situated to take full advantage of existing clean energy technology and incentives. Many towns have tapped into state grant money by adopting these programs. Let’s join them.

Global Warming

The Northeast is flooding, 30 percent of Boston could be underwater by the end of the century, polar bears are declining at alarming rates, fish are dying, and hurricanes are more intense because of human-induced climate change, also known as global warming. Reversing these disastrous trends is key to creating a livable climate and a sustainable economy, and the Commonwealth is poised to be part of the solution.